Hullywood Icons

I had been aware of Hullywood Icons (the brainchild of Quentin Budworth) for some weeks and thought it was a completed project already, but I took a chance and emailed Quentin to see if there was still time for me to take part.

Hullywood Icons, you see, is an exhibition of images of Hull and East Riding residents recreating iconic moments from Hollywood films - so, being a secret film buff, I simply had to get involved.

The exhibition is one of the first full exhibitions as part of the Hull City of Culture 2017, which I am very proud to be a part of. So far I will be in three exhibitions (see Sea of Hull - Spencer Tunick Installation 09/07/2016 and the upcoming blog on The Female Gaze coming in March), and I hope to be involved in more, both as model and as an artist.

I spoke to Quentin about a few ideas that I had for characters to portray, and backdrops we could use, but eventually settled on my favourite character from my favourite film - Sarah Connor from Terminator 2 (which has been my favourite film for some time, much to the discomfort of my partner who wakes up every day to the theme tune, which I have set as my alarm tone!)

Once we were settled on the idea, I set about researching the look for the scene I wanted to portray, the iconic scene where Sarah Connor carves “NO FATE” into the table she is sitting at, at the point she decides to try and change the future for humankind by preventing the Terminators from being created, which John Connor, her son, correctly identifies as “No Fate but what we make”. A classic and inspiring line.

I managed to obtain the vest, military-esque trousers, and a fake knife to “carve” into the table, and we had settled on Pearson Park to go and take the images.

It was a very cold day at the park when we did the shoot, but it was great fun. Les Drake from Digital Creations and East Yorkshire TV also came along, to film a short interview clip of me talking through what we were doing. A small crowd of people gathered to watch the video being made which was quite entertaining.

Then Quentin and I made our way over to the picnic benches in Pearson Park where the shoot was to take place. We took several shots, until Quentin was happy with what he had got, then he went off to do the many other shoots he had booked in for that day!

A few weeks later, and it was time for the private showing of the exhibition at the HIP Gallery in Hull. 400 free tickets were issued, and myself and my partner went to go see what Quentin had been up to.

We arrived a little early, and part of the exhibition was set up on stands outside the gallery, and already, some of the other “Icons” were having snaps taken alongside their own exhibition piece, some in their costumes others not. I myself went in my favourite Terminator t-shirt as a nod to my character.

Quentin himself was wandering around already, greeting people and smiling and happy in his loud shirt and hat! The Councillors (who posed in the Reservoir Dogs image) showed up, with their Chains of Office on, also shaking hands and talking to people.

Then the doors opened, and everyone amassed to go in and have a look at the full exhibition. Several of the contributors had their own prints up around the gallery, and at the end of the gallery there was a slideshow of all the Hullywood Icons images so far. A small crowd gathered around this and people kept jumping in and out to have pictures taken with their own Hullywood Icon (including yours truly)

The private showing of the exhibition was a huge success, a greater number of people than had been ticketed attended on the evening itself, and the exhibition will continue to remain open to the public until the 2nd April 2017.

Quentin Budworth's Website is https://hullywoodicons.com/blog/

Les Drake's Website is http://1create.co.uk/digital-creations/

HIP Gallery Website is http://hipgallery.co.uk/hullywood-icons-exhibition-opening-wrap-party/

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