What could you do with a £10k gift to invest in your modelling or photography?

When it comes to professional models, you don't get much more pro than Anita De Bauch, my guest blogger this week! Having spent her entire working life as a full time model, she truly has an interesting view on the modelling industry. She has been conducting some research on the topic of what would you do if you could invest more money into your interests.

"Products or services? Models or locations? More gear or more shoots?

You never know when £10 000 is going to suddenly fall from the sky, and as I love to be prepared for anything, I privately asked my model friends this question... and then I publicly asked photographers. You can read the thread yourself here. Pages of replies poured in so thick and fast that I quickly had to unsubscribe from the thread before my inbox popped. Models and photographers clearly both feel that they could do with that extra cash injection.

Their answers were startling similar.

Each wanted the security of collecting more and more tools of their trade - camera gear for photographers, and wardrobe for models. We can never have enough ball gowns and they can never have enough strings of letters and numbers to shoot them with, right?

Other categories the answers broadly fell into were education, paying for better creatives to collaborate with, travelling to exotic locations, beauty treatments for models (including personal trainers and cosmetic surgery) and home studios for photographers. One person said they would pay for a marketing campaign.

If I were given £10,000 to spend on modelling, I would want to make the money go as far as possible towards my ultimate goal, which is to be an outstanding model. So for each option I could think of- a Dior dress, a vintage hairstyling class, a course of luxury spa treatments- I asked myself how much of an impact that would have on my portfolio and the service I give my clients. I paused to close my eyes and imagine I was a photographer. What would I look for? What would I love? Why would I want to keep photographing strangers?

I would want to shoot a model who was alive with beauty, inspiring, and completely care-free in front of the camera, flowing from exuberant to sultry to dominant to fragile as naturally as a meandering mountain stream. I was getting pretty poetic. I thought of some of my favourite photos of all time, and realised that most were shot with equipment that would be considered horribly outdated by today’s standards, and at locations that are already within my reach, like the beach, a flowery meadow or a well-decorated boudoir. It seemed the really crucial ingredients were simple: the personality of the model and the personality of the photographer, both of which are available for us to hire for rather less than £10,000 at a time. We can go on-line, look at a huge range of portfolios, and simply pick the personalities to invest in our model photography. It’s like winning the lottery.

Research into what could you do with 10k to invest in your modelling or photography"

Anita wearing Pandora Deluxe, photographed by Luci Alice

Anita De Bauch has been an international model for ten years and is also the author of How to Model Without an Agency. If you would like to book Anita, her portfolio is here. If you would like to hear more from her, you can sign up to her free mailing list on her blog, Anita De Bauch’s Secret Model Diary

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