Sea of Hull - Spencer Tunick Installation 09/07/2016

Today, I had the experience of a lifetime. Myself and 3500 other brave souls, took part in a nude installation that will be exhibited as part of Hull City of Culture 2017.

With an early start time of 02:30am, on a cold day, there were a lot of tired looking faces milling around in Queens Gardens waiting for instructions. Then they came - you have 3 minutes to strip off, paint yourself blue, and if needs be assist your neighbours, leave your clothes and belongings, and walk through town to the different locations!

Thanks to the need for speed, I think very few people experienced any embarrassment, in fact, there were lots of smiles, and renewed energy!

Spencer encountered the humour that is the Hull inhabitants own brand of cheekiness - with cries of "Steeeeeeeeve" (the assistant in charge of moving us) and lots of booing and cheering as instructions were delivered, I think a good time was had by all!

We posed standing, laying down on the cold floor (that's right - I left my very own buttprint on Alfred Gelder Street!) whilst huddling together like penguins to keep out the cold breezes! Myself and my companions invented a game, where when we were on the move, and getting too close to the outside of the crowd, we would shout "inside penguin!" and run in between the other bemused members of the public! It was far too cold today to be an outside penguin.

Myself and a couple of other participants took some "proper" photos after the installation (to be uploaded into the galleries once received)

One shower was enough to get rid of MOST of the blue, but I currently look slightly mouldy, and suspect I will for a few days!!! :D

This participant, loved the whole thing! :)

Spencer Tunick's #seaofhull Art Exhibition will be at the Ferens Art Gallery in 2017

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